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About   Dr. Goldberg

Our Mission is to provide ethically conscious chiropractic care while achieving astonishing results.

Who is Dr. Goldberg?

Dr Jill Goldberg - Female Chiropractor SeattleDr. Jill Goldberg is a caring chiropractor passionate about the life changing results of chiropractic care. She founded two successful east coast practices and has worked since 1996 helping all ages from children to the elderly. She was voted best chiropractor in the Milford, MA regional area for many consecutive years. She has worked closely with many medical doctors in a collaborative role for optimum health and concern for the patient. She was a guest lecturer at Milford Regional Medical Center speaking to the medical staff about the integration of chiropractic care with medicine. Her team approach with local area MD’s resulted in optimal pain relief, improvement in chronic conditions, and wellness. Her education includes a BS in Dietetics/Nutrition from Syracuse University; an MBA in Business from George Washington University and a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) from Life University.

She founded both Milford Family Chiropractic in Milford, MA and Central Park Family Chiropractic in New York City. She is excited to now bring her years of experience to help those in the Seattle Community at her South Lake Union/Denny Triangle/Downtown practice.

Dr. Goldberg has a very approachable nature and will answer any questions or concerns for anyone considering chiropractic care. Consultations are always free whether they are in the office or by phone.

PLEASE CONTACT US AT info@southlakeunionchiro.com

Why Choose Us?

Our intent to heal combined with utilizing three advanced techniques gets results!
  • We listen and we care
  • 20 years experience
  • New patient appointments on Saturday and Sunday too!
  • Your time is valuable – we schedule efficiently with a “no wait” policy
  • We are flexible with scheduling appointments and will fit your schedule
  • Get adjusted on your lunch hour and return to work feeling great!
  • Providing gentle techniques when needed. Great for children, seniors, and others who simply prefer it
  • Affordable payment plans often less than deductibles and copays
  • A fun and relaxing office to come to!
  • Conveniently located for you to walk over after work and avoid the rush hour traffic. Drive home well adjusted and relaxed!

Come and relax before or after your adjustment

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